18 August 2011

Mr Black is baaaacck!!!

Mr Black at 11 weeks of age
11-week-old Mr Black (black collar) from our May 31, 2011 litter is back with me now.

For about two weeks, he had accompanied Mr Blue (now Bodi) to live in Toronto with Corrine Sellars.  After losing her precious Milo this spring and learning that this was going to be my last litter, Corrine badly wanted two dogs from me.  At first I thought she was just joking about wanting two puppies,  I warned her of the perils and pitfalls of getting two from the same litter and was very resistant to place 2 puppies with her - NOT because I didn't think she'd make a great owner.  Au contraire, Corrine is an awesome owner and a very good dog trainer and did wonderful things and had many incredible achievements with Milo.  She's a breeder's dream come true home for a puppy!  And she was very serious about wanting two.  After deciding Mr Black was not going to go to my co-breeder's home, I thought to myself - well, maybe it will work and if it does, both dogs will have absolutely fantastic homes and I will be the winner too, knowing someone is doing wonderful things with my puppies.

So initially we discussed a male/female combo which is always better but again, there are perils of having two intact dogs of opposite sex in the same house, and moreso if they are brother and sister.  No way did she or I want an "oops" litter of such closely related dogs.  So in the end, I suggested two males.  If two intact boys are raised together, they are highly likely to get along, especially if there are no bitches in heat to deal with.  So Black joined Blue (Bodi) and Corrine. During their time with Corrine, she did some awesome training with both.  But it was becoming increasingly obvious that they were getting very bonded with each other.  So much so that it was impossible for Corrine to have one out of the crate or outdoors while the other was inside the crate/house without the one that was left behind screaming his head off.  And scream and scream and scream.  One can only take so much of one puppy screaming, let alone two plus Corrine has close neighbours to contend with.  So I suggested we separate them and Black came back to me.  As soon as they were separated, they were entirely different - quiet and well behaved. It became very apparent that the "experiment' of two puppies living together wasn't going to work.  So now, Mr Black is back with me and I am looking for his forever home which I would prefer is physically close to where I live, if possible.

Mr Black is a potential show quality/show pick male with good hunting /pointing instincts and:

  • is crate trained and loves his crate from Susan Garrett's Crate Games
  • sits and waits in his crate before being released
  • has been shaped for behaviour using positive methods
  • is 99% house trained (the 1% is due to his breeder's failure to pay attention)
  • is learning Susan Garrett's "It's Your Choice" game
  • is learning to wait patiently while his food bowl is lowered to the floor being being released to eat his food
  • is a good car traveler
  • has been exposed to some agility equipment and frozen birds
  • must be shown in conformation either by his breeder or by the new owner and remain intact
  • will have had two sets of vaccinations.

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