8 August 2011

Down to 3

Three puppies have gone to their forever homes now and 3 are still with us but that will soon become two later today. Today was the last day Miss Red (now Stella), Miss Yellow (now Elsie) & Mr Green (Bentley) are together as a family unit as Yellow goes to her new home. I took everyone up the road to the neighbour's farm for a romp to tire them out.

Fun in the field

I call these Muffets because they look like the cereal

Stella watching the others

Bentley looking regal

Stella (Red) 'smokin' a stogie

Bentley likes sticks

Elsie (Yellow) looking pretty

Stella uses Tyro as a seat

Uncle Tyro is very accommodating with Stella

Not much difference in size between Stella & Bentley right now


  1. So much fun. Tyro was a very patient dog :).