3 August 2011

Good hunting prospects

It looks like we have some very good hunting prospects in this litter. You'd think so since the sire, Brick, has his AKC Master Hunter title and the dam, Miska, carries several hunting titles and loves to hunt!  All the puppies were tested with a wing-on-a-string and a frozen quail. Mr Black and Mr Turquoise had the strongest pointing instincts of the 6.  Each of these puppies locked immediately on point when they saw the wing and Turquoise even pointed a tiny feather on the ground.  All pointed and all were very interested in the frozen quail. It certainly would be nice to see each of these 6 puppies get at least a junior hunting title although I know that won't the case.  (And notice the nice tails on these puppies when they point!)

Mr Green (Bentley) on point

Intense pointing from Turquoise

Miss Red has lovely style

Hey, where's the rest of the bird?

Yellow on point

I ain't moving if it doesn't move

Mr Black finds the quail

I think I'll have a little taste

Black thinks the feet smell or taste good

Turquoise likes this sport!

1 comment:

  1. Such clever puppies. I love that intense look from Miss Red and she is a very pretty little girl.