23 August 2011


If you think you can't teach an 11 or 12-week old puppy impulse or self-control, think again.  YES you CAN.

Of course, how effective you are depends on how good a dog trainer you are.  Using Susan Garrett's "It's Yer Choice" game to teach this Vizsla puppy self-control, I have transferred the principle of self-control with a handful of treats to his food bowl.  As you can see in the video, he is NOT lunging at his food. 
He is holding back and demonstrating self-control even when he is clearly salivating and licking his lips.  He has to wait for several seconds until he hears his release word  which in this case is "Break" before he starts to eat,  A few days after shooting this video, I am able to get him to almost 10 seconds before he starts to make a move on his own,  If he moves towards his food, then the clock starts all over again until I say, "Break." 

Here's a video of Susan Garrett herself, in action, to help you teach your puppy/dog impulse control. This also teaches the dog to work even when there is food around and gets you away from lure training.  Lure training has quick results but once the food disappears, dogs have a lot of difficulty - and many fail - to perform the desired task.  By teaching them this game, they are being shaped and demonstrate behaviours in order to get the treats.  A far more successful method of training animals.

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