7 August 2011

Beautiful Blaze

Blaze (Varazs Kedves Quasar) is from my 2008 litter. His mother is Miska who just whelped her second (and last) litter in May 2011. I used a stud dog imported from Australia, CH Hubertus Quality Control FDJ, to produce Blaze. I happen to love Blaze and think he is a gorgeous Vizsla with lovely conformation: a lot of substance, good bone, good chest & forechest, a nice head and topline. Of course, maybe I have 'kennel blindness' and am biased since I am his breeder; however, I think I  have a good eye for a Vizsla and I can be, and have been, critical of my own dogs.  He is one that would definitely turn my head in a breed line-up.

Blaze being stacked by handler, Larry Clark; photo by B. Tanko

Blaze hasn't finished his Championship title yet but he is extremely deserving of this title. He is sitting on 6 points and needs 4 more in Canada. All of his littermates finished their championship titles very quickly. One reason why Blaze hasn't finished is that there are virtually no other Vizslas being shown in Calgary and to earn points, a dog has to beat members of its own breed or take a placement in the group (Sporting dog group in this case). From what I've been told, the show ring is very competitive in Calgary/Edmonton although the same can be said of cities in Ontario. However, we have a lot more dog shows and a lot more Vizslas being shown in Ontario which is why his 4 other littermates finished their titles (the fifth is in California) because I showed all of them in Ontario. Unfortunately, the dog show ring can be 'political' and sometimes it's the two-legged creature at the other end of the lead that gets noticed more by the judges than the 4-legged one.  Recently Blaze's owners hired a very expensive professional handler (wow, I couldn't believe how expensive this guy is!) and Blaze did 'make the cut' in the Sporting Group but didn't get a placement.  Anyway, I just wanted to brag about this dog because I think he is a terrific looking Vizsla and is deserving to be labeled a Champion and one day, I know he will finish that title.

Please visit this link to see other photos of Blaze as he has his own Blog.

Blaze the Vizsla: Few photos from the latest dogshow

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  1. Sylvia, thanks , very nice of you. Larry is great ! He goes beyond a handler.