15 August 2011

Big paws to fill

Four of our Miska-Brick puppies born May 31, 2011 have gone to homes where the owners previously had wonderful Vizslas. Tunder (Mr Black) and Bodi (Mr BLue) have gone to Toronto with Corrine Sellars who sadly lost Milo in March of this year (yes, 2 puppies to one home which I said I would never do!).  Will (Mr Turquoise) now lives in Oshawa with a family, Karen Johnston and Doug Wheeler. who had had 2 vizslas from me: Bob (1995-2009) and almost 15 yr-old Rita who passed away just 2 days before Will arrived at their home. Miss Yellow, now Elsie, went to live with Christopher and Christine Maloney of Buffalo NY who just lost their Vizsla named CSidney in May 2011 at the age of 13.  So our puppies have big paws to fill and I am know they will  never replace these dogs who were previously owned by these families and individuals but they will create their own unique places in their hearts.

Chris and Christine Maloney with Elsie (Miss Yellow)

Miska saying farewell to Black (Tunder) and Blue (Bodi)

Will (Turquoise) with his new humans and Miska (standing in for dearly and recently departed Rita)

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