4 August 2011

Farewell Rita

Lyons Keiralea Of Varazs
October 28, 1996 - August 4, 2011

Rita at age 14

Rita (L) in 2000
I just received word this morning that Karen Johnston and Doug Wheeler said goodbye to Rita today. She would have been 15 in October.  I imported her in January 1997 from US breeder, Joy Lyons of Lyons Vizslas in Florida and later placed her with Karen and Doug.

Rita at 6 months old
Life is too short for dogs.  We get to watch them as puppies all the way through old age.  A dog will give its entire life to pleasing its humans. 

Rest in peace Rita.  You will be greatly missed by 
Karen, Doug, Hannah and Emma.


  1. Sorry to hear about the loss, but I'm so encouraged that she lived such a long happy life and that hopefully my 2 V's will get to be that age.

  2. Thanks Amanda; Rita was a majestic dame in her senior years. I hope yours will give you happiness for that long too. Dogs never live long enough for us; maybe they know something we don't.

  3. I loved the picture of Rita at 14

    Added your eulogy to my blog with the 10 commandments of Vizsla ownership. Hope you don't mind.

    Rod a.k.a. redbirddog


  4. So sorry to hear about the loss of beautiful Rita. Dogs only break our hearts once in their lifetime. It was lovely that you were able to get some pics of the pups with her.

  5. Oh dear, not doing well myself. Crying for Rita. :-(

  6. Always is bittersweet to say goodbye after such a long doggie life. We send our thoughts and hugs to you and Rita's people.

  7. So sorry for your loss. They just don't seem to stay long enough, and it is heartbreaking to say goodbye.