23 August 2011


Well, my life is very dull right now because I happened to get very excited when 12-week-old Tunder (Mr Black) went to the patio slider in our family room and rattled the vertical blinds.  As soon as I heard the noise, I dashed to the family room to let him outside. Sure enough, he had to 'do his business".  To us doggy people, that's a BIG and IMPORTANT development.  AAAhhh, the one time I didn't have a treat in my pocket but he sure got lots of happy words and praise from me!

Far more exciting on this day was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake originating in W. Virginia.  While it was felt in the Greater Toronto Area and way up in Ottawa an other parts of Ontario, I didn't feel the tremors here.  Just as happy that I didn't but so glad Tunder is almost 100% house trained!

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