27 September 2011

Rant for the day

The process to register a purebreed dog with the Canadian Kennel Club is far more complicated and protracted than registering a human baby with the any Canadian province.  Seriously? 

Well, how do I know that?  I know because a few years ago I worked on a mega project to computerize the baby birth process for the province of Ontario and we also researched how other provinces do it and I can tell you, it's way simpler and faster, especially now that birth registration has been computerized here!! 

Anyway, to ensure my dog litter application reached the CKC offices in Toronto, I hand delivered it because I've heard hundreds of complaints about paperwork never reaching the CKC.  The CKC offices are only about 45 KM from where I live and I was on my way into Toronto anyway so it wasn't a big deal. It still took the CKC about 3 weeks to process that one page application and issue 6 pieces of paperwork for the individual puppy registrations (Miska had 6 puppies in her litter). 

There was no information in the package about being able to do individual dog registrations online.  In fact the last time I tried to do it online when it involved co-owning and putting puppies on non-breeding agreements, it was NOT possible. 

So after completing all the bloody paperwork by hand this year, making photocopies, etc, enclosing payment for the litter registration invoice, I mailed the package to the CKC on September 9.  This morning (Sept 27), I thought I had better check to see if my package had arrived because the cheque hadn't been cashed.  I was told they never received it!!!  And I am NOT the only one as I mentioned.  Is it Canada Post or is it the CKC?

So after speaking the client services rep, she tells me I could now do ALL the registrations online! If that's the case, why couldn't the CKC have informed me of this option when they sent me the package, for goodness sake.  All they needed to do was to enclose a flyer or put a statement on the individual blank registration form.  How difficult is that????

So I spent the morning online, re-doing all the registrations for 6 puppies.  It was relatively simple although the CKC says it may require me to send in the co-ownership forms & non-breeding agreements that my puppy buyers filled out and signed in contrast to the rep who told I had to fax them in.  How confusing is that?  Can you please get your story straight and consistent?  And there were also inconsistencies in the date formats between the paper forms and the online form?  Just more inconsistencies to make me annoyed.  Sheesh!!!

I hate the CKC. I don't think I know of a single person who loves the CKC or who would extol its virtues.  It appears to be a necessary evil in the Canadian dog registration world because we have no other choice.

Anyway. that's my BIG rant of the day!  Thanks for 'listening'. 


  1. That Non-Member Participation fee is pretty special, too. If you like it or not, to get your dogs points a Canadian owner has to be a member. What a blatant cash grab :(

  2. Yeah, it does seem that all the CKC is doing is trying to raise cash but not give great service in exchange.