10 September 2011

Update on Will (Mr Turquoise)

I am like a "mother" when it comes to my fur-kids, i.e., the puppies I am responsible for bringing into this world and so I am always anxious (in a good way) to hear how they are doing, no matter what their ages.  Of course, I always prefer happy news but I know that part of being a breeder is you have to take the bad with the good.
Anyway, I was thrilled to finally receive some photos of Will from Miska's May 31/11 litter.  Will was originally Light Blue and then became Turquoise once I put collars on the pups.  His humans had been very busy getting their 2 lovely daughters, Hannah and Emma ready for school as well as trying to finish their kitchen makeover. That plus dealing with a 10 week old puppy (at the time they got Will) has certainly kept them ultra busy.  His human, Karen Johnston who has her own Blog - mainly about house and art design but she also blogs about Vizslas and other important things in her life - reports that Will was labelled "a perfect puppy" by their vet - unfortunately he acquired coccidia parasites from fecal contaminated ground after he went to his new home.  Apart from that, he is perfect - well, ALMOST!  He did gnaw on destroy Karen's FM red high heels.  BIG NO NO Will!!  But that's a classic case of "don't blame the puppy", blame the hu-mom-for-leaving-the-closet-door-open-aso-an-invitation-to-an-unsupervised-untrained-puppy-to-help-himself- to-leather-shoes!  I see Karen has removed the post on her Blog about that episode!  :-)

Will on his new bed

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