19 September 2011

Beautiful September day

Yesterday was beautiful!! Lots of sun, clear skies and warm temperatures. A perfect day and my kinda weather!!  Bodi (Miska-Brick litter born May 31/11) joined his brother, Tunder for a walk in one of our local conservation areas. Unfortunately Bodi wouldn't do a sit-stay so I wasn't able to capture him with his brother and mom together but later snapped one of Bodi in our garden.  This coming Tuesday, Sept 20, the puppies will be four months old.

Tunder (almost 4 mo.) with his mom, Miska

Tunder - I'm all eyes!!

Bodi in our garden.


  1. Hmmmmmm, won't they be four months on sept 30th? Great pictures of the pups.

  2. Me again. Wonder why my last blog post isn't on your feed. Is there a setting I need to change?