7 September 2011

The Dreaded 9!

Blaze, a beautiful male Vizsla out of our Miska-Ozzie breeding in 2008, has been sitting on 5 champion points for the past year.  He needs a total of 10 points to earn his Canadian champion title.  While that might sound easy, unfortunately, there are very few Vizslas being shown in conformation in Alberta where Blaze resides so it can be really tough to pick up points in that part of the country without other Vizslas to beat.

Anyway, this past weekend, Blaze was taken to dog shows in Kamloops BC with a pro handler (shown above) and lo and behold, good fortunate struck.  He had competition!! Two other female Vizslas were entered in the multi-day show.  But Blaze had to beat the competition to pick up points - that's the way dog shows work.  More good fortune!! Blaze took Best of Breed on two days to earn 4 more points, bringing him to a total of 9!  Yes!!! Just one more point to go!

On Monday, only one female was entered and all Blaze needed was to beat her and he would finish his title.  But she was a 'no-show' and since Blaze didn't take a group placement (which could have earned him a point), he didn't pick up that last needed point on Monday.  Instead, he's now sitting at 9 points.  Aaaaarrrrgh!!  What we call the 'dreaded 9' in show dog circles.  So close but no cigar.  While sometimes that last point can be difficult to earn - it's like it's bad luck or something - I am confident that Blaze will earn it.  The question is not "if", but "when?".  So congratulations to Blaze and his owners for 4 more points!!!

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