5 September 2011

Kong is King

Kong makes great toys for dogs.  In addition to their Air Dog toys which are Tyro's favourite toys, especially the ring (which I can't find on the Kong website but I hope it's still available because that's his all-time fav),

our Vizslas have several of their trademark rubber toys - the Kong classic - which are great for stuffing with treats, especially for puppies, to satisfy a dog's need to keep its mouth occupied.

One Kong toy I haven't tried with our dogs, but Bodi (out of our May 31, 2011 litter) has tried and enjoys is the Ballistic Ring.  He seems to enjoy it so I guess that will be a future purchase for our dogs since it looks pretty durable.  (Photos were taken by Corrine Sellars.)

Bodi with his Kong Ballistic Ring


PS, when you visit the Kong website, click on the puzzle on the L side of their Fun Games for Pets & Humans menu on their home page.  This puzzle contains a Vizsla!!  It took me 17 minutes to do, but I didn't look at the photo until several minutes into the puzzle so I didn't know what the image was.

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