9 September 2011

Stella's camping adventure

Stella was Miss Red in our 2011 litter born May 31.  I am getting great reports about her wonderful temperament and great intelligence from her new owner, Teri Martin, who is really enjoying Stella.  Admittedly, I still really miss Miss Red but she is in a wonderful home so I can't ask for anything better.  On the Labour Day weekend this month, Stella went camping with her humans and her buddy Riley, a very black, black Labrador.
Teri originally shared these photos on her Facebook page and she wrote. "We headed up to Summerland [BC] for the long weekend of camping and Stella did wonderfully. She travelled well and camped like she had been doing it forever. She slept without a crate (curled up with me) for up to ten hours without a peep."  Judging from these photos, Stella loved the campground and especially the beach (who wouldn't??). She tuned out to be a good swimmer and a terrific retriever.  Stella met another Vizsla puppy on the beach.  The puppy was born 1 week before Stella. However, both the mom and this puppy (not Stella) are unregistered.  Teri said "the pup was actually fairly timid and when she snarked at another dog in her face the woman grabbed her and disciplined her for "aggression".  Too bad the owner of this puppy who is the "breeder" as well, doesn't understand fear behaviour.  Clearly another backyard breeder of Vizslas located in BC.  So sad.  Buyer beware!!  Anyway, Stella obviously had a great time and was a great puppy on her first camping adventure.

Thanks to Teri for these wonderful pictures of Stella.

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  1. We really had a wonderful weekend with the dogs! Stella has fit into our home and hearts beautifully.