4 September 2011

Early Thanksgiving?

Well, yesterday evening I got a BIG HUGE and unexpected surprise.  Miska came running out of the bush on our property (actually way too close to the road for comfort) carrying a WILD TURKEY!  I was absolutely stunned.  I called her to me and she ran with it in her mouth.  All I could think to do was run to the house to grab my camera. It was still alive and she carried it all the way from the road to our house - over 400 feet.  Wild turkeys are not small birds by any means and they can be difficult to hunt, so for Miska to 'bag' this one was quite a feat!  By the time she got to the house and paraded it around a bit, she dropped it; she was tired.
The wild turkey was such a mixed blessing.  Since it was still alive but not showing good signs for recovery, we had to figure out a way to humanely end its life.  Not an easy task to take a life (except for ants, spiders, flies and other creepy crawlies).  On one hand I really wanted to eat it; after all, how often does one get this opportunity?  But I've never gutted and feathered - or whatever the label is for removing feathers - a bird before. So we decided to pass on the chance to dine on wild turkey and decided to let nature take its course after euthanizing it.

Thanks Miska.  You are the most incredible hunting dog we've ever had - even if we don't always appreciate your presents as much as you'd perhaps like us to.  But I know you were proud of your achievement (and truthfully, so am I).  Well done Miska.

Miska gently lays her turkey on the ground

Miska and her prize wild turkey


  1. Wow Miska!! That's quite a feat. Well done!

  2. That's amazing! Too bad you're not enjoying the spoils though.