12 October 2011


When is our mom coming to get us?
Anyone who owns a Vizsla knows this breed doesn't do well when placed in a commercial dog kennel - unless you own multiple dogs and your Vizsla can board with its canine family members at the boarding facility (or dog spa as many call it).  When possible, I try to avoid kenneling my dogs when I go on vacation, although this isn't always possible.  Recently, we took a 12-day trip to Galapagos (more about that later) and had to find spots for our 4 Vizsla family members.

Fortunately, I was able to call upon two people/families who own one of my dogs who obliged with my request for board our dogs.  In each case, they already own a dog from me - in these two cases they had a puppy from our last (May 31/11) litter so I know each person/family knows the breed and they have already been screened by me as responsible owners and I've known them for a long time.  Miska and Diva went off to Oshawa, ON to stay with Miska's 4 month-old puppy named Will and 5-yr. old Tyro along with 4-month old Tunder went to visit Tunder & Will's littermate, Bodi in Toronto.

Having my dogs stay with people I know and trust eases my emotions and fears about leaving my dogs for lengthy periods of time. Although I don't know that each of my four dogs was happy about the decision to be left behind, in all cases they had visited these homes before and were left with people they had met or knew and dogs they already knew.  And while I know Miska (the oldest at 8 yr.) missed me the most, all four dogs - Miska, Diva, Tyro and Tunder had a good time with their respective vacation caregivers and they were well looked after.  So thank you so much Corrine Sellars and Karen Johnston and Doug Wheeler for taking such great care of my dogs while we vacationed!  To see more pics of their 'vacation', click:


Miska using her son, Will, as a pillow

Diva (top), Will (L), Miska (R)

Tyro, "Why did I get stuck with these holy terrors?"

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  1. Welcome back, it sounds like an amazing trip. I also find it incredibly stressful to have someone else look after the dogs when we are away so I'm glad all went well.