14 October 2011

Mobbed at the market

Tunder gets a hug
We have a wonderful outdoor farmer's market in Milton, Ontario.  Unfortunately it's now finished for the season but last month, I took 3-month old Mr Black aka "Tunder" to the market 3 times. My purpose was two-fold: 1) to buy wonderful fresh vegetables and baked goods and 2) puppy socialization.  This market is almost as good and perhaps even better than dog shows for socializing puppies and dogs. While I've read a few complaints from the general public in Milton about dogs being brought to the market, it hasn't stopped people from doing it. I've never seen a negative incident involving a dog so I hope they (dogs) are never banned from this event.

The first time I took Tunder it was blistering hot and humid and the market was really busy.  He showed a little fear when he saw a coloured person but after that, he became confident. Then he was absolutely MOBBED by people and kids stopping to pet him and to say hello.  And of course there were other dogs, big and small, black and brown, for him to see, smell and nose.  The second and third times, it was 'old hat' for him.  What's more cute and handsome than a Vizsla puppy?  Nothing!!

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2011-09-10 Tunder at Milton Market

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