28 October 2011

Disappearing puppyhood

Tunder (aka Mr Black) who was born May 31, 2011 is growing up - fast!  Just seems whenever I look at him that he's added another pound or two. My prediction is that he will be a very good looking male with a gorgeous head.  He's already got a wonderful temperament so no worries in that department. Anyway, it won't be long before he's all grown up.  These photos were taken in the last week when he was 21 weeks of age or 5 months old.

Tunder at class with his bro, Bodi in the distance
Tunder, big sis Diva & Uncle Tyro

Tunder - nice, nature stack

Tunder with Uncle Tyro, mom Miska & big sis Diva

Tunder's face & head at 21 weeks

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