16 October 2011

Miniature Vizsla?

Bentley's owners (Bentley is out of our Brick-Miska breeding born May 31) sent me a recent photo of him with his family and their other Vizsla, Jasper who happens to be related distantly to Bentley. They had visited beautiful Jasper, Alberta for a few days and took this photo there.
As his hu-mom wrote, "Bentley is doing wonderful, he remains the world's cuddliest Vizsla and we are sad to report he is growing up!! (we were hoping to keep him little for much longer!). He is quite attached to Jasper our 11 year old (from Rex & Rose) and has a hard time keeping up to him.....he is a VERY fast runner and no walk is ever long enough. Bentley remains an easy puppy, he frequents all laps in the room on a rotating basis and never shies away from the kids unending mauling of pets and kisses." I think most of us would love that our almost 5-month old Vizsla puppies stayed this small size (around 25 lb.) for quite a while longer. Of course they will grow bigger but thankfully, they never outgrow their cuddly, kissy personalities which is wonderful.

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