31 October 2011

Monster Match

This was my second time entering my dogs at the annual Hallowe'en Monster Match at Companion Dog Training where I take my dogs for competitive obedience and agility training while in Canada.  I entered Miska and Tyro in rally-obedience (excellent) and Miska in Open obedience.

Miska getting ready to do the heeling pattern in Open.
Last year Miska went as a bunch of grapes but this year I didn't have time to make any creative costumes so my good friend and fellow Vizsla owner, Corrine Sellars, loaned me some stuff. This year the dogs dressed up as marathon runners.  I tried to dress Tunder up in a cheerleader's costume but he kept tripping over the skirt part so I removed it & left only a lei around his neck. Sheesh - the things we do to our dogs!!! No wonder they sometimes turn around and bite us!!

Tunder, Miska, Tyro