3 November 2011

Staying warm

A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do.

Here's a very heart warming (pun intended!) video that I want to share.  I like this dog's approach. He (or she?) is one smart cookie.

My dogs, on the other hand, simply curl up as close as possible to the front of an electric heater to keep warm or snuggle together in a bed or on top of each other or atop a human's lap. Any way - a lot of BTU's are generated and even I  value my dogs as non-electric blankets when I need warming up.

Tyro, Tunder & Miska

Tyro & Tunder 



  1. Vizslas are heat seeking missiles :D Jersey is starting to sleep under the covers again.

  2. BOL! Sweater Puppy Wanna-be's! -P. Dog

  3. LOL at your poor abused dogs forced to huddle around a teeny, tiny heater. Stella suggests that they try boosting the little one up to reach the thermostat and turn up the heat in the house :o). I saw that video a few weeks back at it made me laugh.

  4. When the dogs start bringing in a salary, then they can pay for the heating bills to heat the entire house! LOL.