4 November 2011

Shower door shower

The other morning I was rudely awakened by the sound of a very loud crash from our ensuite bathroom.  I couldn't figure out what the hell had happened so quickly got up to explore but couldn't open the door to the bathroom. So I called Hubs who had already arisen and was somewhere else in the house and he was able to enter from our walk-in closet.  What had happened stunned and shocked us.  One panel of our double glass shower door had completely shattered on its own and glass was everywhere!

Left panel shattered

Glass on the shower floor
Thank goodness no humans or dogs were in the shower at the time of this spontaneous explosion of glass because it would have been one very nasty and bloody scene. (OK, it's tempered glass but still, there were lots of sharp-edged pieces.)  In fact, it was only about 2 days before this had happened that I had just showered all 3 of the dogs (at once) in the shower.  Can you imagine trying to deal with 12 paws, 2 bare feet, multiple bodies and limbs and all this glass?????   I don't even want to begin to imagine the horror scene.  I am just so grateful Hubs wasn't in the shower at the time (because he uses this one all the time whereas I use another bathroom in the house) because he is on a blood thinner.  That would have required a call to 911.  Very scary stuff.

Diva in the shower on a previous occasion

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