6 November 2011

Varazs Vizsla mini-reunion

L-R: Ruby, Tyro, Diva, Miska. Quest, Vadasz, Piper, Bodi
Today a number of Varazs-bred dogs gathered together at Burns Conservation area just down the road from our house for a walk and mini-reunion. We had representation from 4 litters:

  1. Miska and Vadasz from our Nova-Sasha litter born 2003; 
  2. Lloyd, Ruby and Tyro from our Nova-Hudson litter born 2006;
  3. PiperQuest and Diva from our Miska-Ozzie litter born 2008
  4. Bodi from our Miska-Brick litter born 2011
We could not have asked for better weather.  While it started off rather chilly (6C), by the end of our walk through the woods it had warmed up to our forecast high of 13 deg. C, with glorious sun and no wind.  A near-perfect day for this time of year!  And since my birthday is tomorrow, it was a great birthday present to see my 'grand-furkids', a couple of which I hadn't seen in several years.  THANK YOU for making my birthday so special!!

L-R: Ruby, Tyro, Diva & Miska
Lloyd with his family
L-R: Quest, Tyro, Diva, Miska & Vadasz

8-year old littermates, Vadasz (L) & Miska

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  1. Happy Birthday! Glad everyone could join in and enjoy such a lovely day. Bodi & Corrine