15 November 2011

Bath time!

Owning hunting dogs can be a mixed blessing at times.  The other day just as we were almost home from a long walk/run in the woods, Miska and Diva disappeared into heavy brush and wetlands,  I could hear them barking and by their bark, I knew they had cornered or treed some type of animal.  However, they weren't responding to my frantic calls, screams and whistles to come so I had no choice but to try to track them down.  Unfortunately where they were was extremely wet and so heavy I could barely crawl through the downed trees and heavy cover; plus it was wet, soggy and very soft underneath and all I had on were running shoes, not boots.  Thankfully, at long last they reappeared, soaking wet and totally covered in mud from their nose to their tails.

L-R: Miska & her daughter Diva


  1. Trouble comes in two's.....silly girls!

  2. Looks like it was a great walk (for them)!

  3. Yes, like mother like daughter - 2 hunting fiends!