5 May 2011

Week 5

May 4th marked the start of week 5 for Miska's puppies. She weighed 50 lb yesterday, a gain of about 5 pounds. And her nipples have really enlarged already.  Her grand-mother Nekah never showed at 5 weeks; in fact, I was showing Nekah in conformation to finish her Cdn Championshipship and even I couldn't tell she was pregnant.  Not the case with Miska.  Those nipples are a dead giveaway!

Dolly Parton - eat your heart out!

Hard to believe a newborn will be able to grasp this!


  1. You still look beautiful Miska!

  2. Shandy has monster boobs too! Ah well, sign of a good brood bitch if you ask me :-) Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!