16 May 2011

Group shower

It's back to Ontario from AZ. Spring in Ontario usually means rain and there was a lot of in April when we were still in AZ. And it appears rain and cool (cold!) temps are continuing throughout May. How quickly one forgets, after being in AZ for the past 5 months, that Ontario = rain = mud = muddy dogs = dog bath after each walk. Sigh.

So it was the case after today's walk. Everyone needed a shower. I suppose I should consider ourselves lucky that we even got out for a walk today since it's been raining for the past 3 days and more is forecast for the rest of the week. But all 3 dogs came back with muddy undercarriages. Plus both Miska and Diva had rolled in something smelly. So into the large walk-in shower they went, all 3 together. I don't have a photo of the group shower but here's one taken of Diva last year.


  1. Welcome back to Canada! For some reason, we can't seem to catch a break this spring, it seems like it rains every day :(

    BTW - Diva loos so impressed to be in the shower!!

  2. Thanks Karen, Not thrilled to be back! The rain & mud are awful! Diva is not a lover of showers although she will happily swim in a lake!