30 May 2011

Waiting Game

Taken earlier on Day 57 and at 57 pounds.

A sleepless nite for us last night but no pups yet as of 9:30 AM. Miska even refused a cookie this morning - not like her - but this is a unique time. Her temperature is staying down (98.5 F) so that means she should start to whelp sometime today. All the whelping supplies are laid out and ready. Just in case, my vet will be on call for us outside of the clinic office hours but I hope we won't need him. But it's better to "Be Prepared.".

Miska resting quietly in the whelping box.


  1. This is *so* exciting!! I can't wait to see the bebeh vizslas :D

  2. Thanks Karen! Great to hear from you.