29 May 2011

Parturition has started!

Miska's thinking - will this ever be over?

Miska's temperature dropped suddenly by 2 degree F at 6:45 PM today.  She wasn't very hungry today and it took some hand feeding and coaxing to get her to eat most of her breakfast. She wasn't  interested in lunch.  I took the dogs for a 45 minute leash walk late this aft. She was panting when she got out of the car on our return but the humidity was high and the ambient temperature was warm and muggy.  MORE rain is on the way. Ugh!  Enough already.

Miska resting up for the big event.

Kibble wasn't of any interest tonight but she wolfed down a scrambled egg (v.g. protein) and rice and almost took my finger off when I offered her some baby carrots. At 9:50 PM she ate 4 small cookies and then a few minutes later, vomited them up.  All these signs are pointing to the start of parturition - i.e., going into labour.  Although the due date is June 1, this is an estimate just like any human birth. She may whelp sooner or a bit later but we don't want it much later than June 1.  However, it looks like it could be May 30th or the 31st at the very latest.  Stay tuned!

The whelping box is ready for Vizsla babies!

It looks like a bathtub from the side but it's really a whelping box.

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  1. We'll stay tuned wishing that everything goes smoothly and looking forward for the bird of those pretty puppies!

    Vanessa & Juan