10 May 2011

Best Dressed Dogs in Anthem!

Since temperatures started rising here in AZ, I began walking the dogs early in the mornings as well as having them don their 'cool coats'.  I got these coats before we left Canada. They were made by MustLuvDogs.ca

Miska (wild salmon) & Diva (electric purple)

Tyro, Diva & Miska

Miska & Tyro
We get stopped a lot by people on our walks.  The locals think I'm crazy having my dogs wear coats when it's in the 80's & 90's. Of course, they don't realize these are 'cool' coats.  One lady who stopped us yesterday commented, "These are the best dressed dogs in Anthem!"

Cool coats certainly help to keep my dogs cool(er). They pant less and therefore drink less water. I still carry water for them, But without their cool coats on, they would need to drink a lot MORE water which is heavy to lug around.  However, I've discovered that because of the very low humidity here, the coats start to dry out after about 60 to 75 minutes. In fact, after soaking them, I don't even bother to ring them out.  If I did, they would dry out even faster.  They are really no complete match for the AZ heat and low humidity.  I found one public bathroom in town where I stop and resoak them and refill water bottles.  Only works when it's on my route.  On the other side of town, I can refill our bottles at Starbucks. Nevertheless, I am so glad my dogs have these coats here.

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