2 May 2011

Missing Milo

There are some dogs that are "once-in-a-lifetime" and one of those dogs was Milo.
Two months ago today, on March 7, Milo crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

June 13, 2002 - March 7, 2011

I had bred and kept Milo for the first year of life, hoping to make him part of my breeding program. Due to the gradual appearance starting at six months of age of white hairs in areas of his body where white is not permissible, I knew I wouldn't be able to use his for breeding. I found his new 'forever' home in Toronto with Corrine Sellars. He was her first dog and first Vizsla. My requirement of Corrine was to obtain one title on Milo and since it couldn't be a show (conformation) title due to the white, it had to be either in field, obedience or agility. I helped her obtain that first title - a hunting tile (Field Dog Jr.). Corrine then began an incredible journey with Milo which culminated in him achieving 28 titles! Not only did Corrine far exceed my expectations (I knew Milo was always capable!) but she was terrific at sending me tons of photos and videos of their achievements and life and times together. In some ways, it was like Milo never left me.

So we were both totally devastated to learn that Milo developed subcutaneous mast cell disease, a malignant tumour, which was in his groin where removing it couldn't be done without 'radical' surgery. Several months prior to this, he had had a small mast cell tumour in the same area which was removed. It's possible the vet didn't excise a wide enough margin around that tumour and that's why another developed in his groin. Tragically, this second tumour proved to be aggressive and because of the location, not possible to remove surgically. He underwent chemotherapy at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph which extended his life for 6 months. I saw him a few times during his many visits to OVC. My last visit with Milo was in November, just before we headed to AZ for the winter. Sadly, it was my last with him. On March 7, 2011 it became apparent that the quality of Milo's life had deteriorated and Corrine had to say farewell.

All of the dogs I breed are 'family'. Because of their proximity to me and because of my closeness to Milo for his first year, his passing was very difficult for me and it's been hard to write this Blog entry. And his owner, Corrine, has been utterly devastated by his death.   Only time will heal her grief but she will be always have thousands of wonderful memories and probably just as many photos of Milo to make her smile again.

Milo - you were truly a one of a kind Vizsla and you are terribly missed.


  1. Milo, you will be missed very much by all that knew you. It was always a pleasure to watch Corrine and Milo work together at Swansea Rally classes and in the ring at trials.

    Seeing the level of teamwork they had is something I will aspire to with every dog that will ever be in my care.

    Rest in peace Milo knowing you are much missed

  2. What a gorgeous dog and you can tell he was so very loved. The pain of losing our friends is horrible but having a lifetime of treasured moments and memories will hopefully help ease the grief. My sympathy to you and Milo's family.

  3. Our hearts break for everyone who knew Milo. But he truly LIVED those years fully, achieved so much, surrounded by so much love. That was a life worth living! We hope the pride and joy of having been part of that journey soon replaces the sadness, for this dog deserves to be celebrated. We salute a great dog and inspiration and thank you for sharing him with us XX