11 July 2009

Show weekend

Both Quest & his aunt Zsofi are staying with us this weekend. Zsofi is here for boarding & Quest is here for shows in Woodstock, Ontario. Both Quest & his sister, Diva, are entered in dog shows all 3 days. Yesterday they didn't pick up any points but were "in the ribbons" as we say. Quest was being handled by a new handler with not much time to get used to her so he was looking around for me. And he's still on the thin side. As a result, he placed 3rd in his class.

Diva fared better. She's looking great! In fact, we were in first place in her class but on the last go-around, the judge moved another bitch up to 1st so we had to settle for 2nd place. I think the reason was that Diva was limping a little. I had noticed it before we went into the ring but she seemed to improved while in the ring. However, her limp showed. Fortunately, I had already scheduled an appointment with Gloria, our doggie chiropractor, for later in the afternoon. Gloria did find some inflammation and a lot of tightness in Diva's withers. Then I remembered that Diva and Tyro had been racing around the yard the day before and I heard a yelp. I didn't know which dog it was at the time but now I know. I didn't notice her limping then but sometimes it takes time for the pain and stiffness to come about. Of course, this has to happen just before a show! After her adjustment, Diva was a little better but she's being rested in her crate now. She's rather be playing with her brother Quest and her aunt Zsofi but she does need to recuperate. We'll see how today and tomorrow go. Today there are thunderstorms and heavy rain across all of SW Ontario so likely we'll be showing in the pouring rain - if that show isn't canceled because of lightning. That happened once before several years ago at this venue.

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