31 July 2009

Are you fit enough for a Vizsla?

"A Vizsla is a very special dog, full of energy and therefore not the easiest one! Please be absolutely sure that you are able to offer him almost all of your free time (...and the right occupation...)" Sharing a Youtube video posted by wwwmagyarvizslalu

I think it's so important to give a Vizsla a 'job' because for scores of decades, they have been bred to hunt and these genes are still present and strong in this breed. However, since so few of us hunt for our food these days (sorry but taking your Vizsla to the store and hunting through the grocery shelves for the food you want doesn't qualify as hunting), you can take the dog out of the hunt but you can't take the hunt out of the dog. Therefore, they have energy to burn. Get your Vizsla involved in dog sports whether it's agility, rally obedience, rally, tracking or field work and they will not only love you for it, they will eventually become tired out and as we all know, a tired dog is a happy dog! (Look closely at the caption at the end of the video.)

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