27 July 2009

Nasty deer flies

Our cool, wet summer weather this year is good for deer flies but really bad news for our dogs and us. "Deer flies are vicious painful biters that are relentless in their pursuit of blood to the point of a meal or death" is what one website states, also calling them "black flies on steroids". And I can attest to these statements. They are horrible and they sure hurt when they bite me. Unfortunately, they really pester our dogs.

Here are photos of Tyro with his reactions from deer fly bites from the walk we took through the woods today. He tends to react more than Diva or Miska but they all have reactions although his are usually larger. Poor boy!

Other than staying indoors over summer and waiting until winter sets in - which begs the question - why do I live in SW Ontario with its 6-month winters, bad mosquitoes/black flies/deer &horse flies/wasps, usually sweltering summers of high temperatures and high humidity which drives everyone indoors, and about 2 weeks of decent weather out of 52? - I don't know how to prevent our dogs from being bitten as these flies tend to prefer animals over humans. I welcome suggestions and advice!


  1. OUCH! dat don't look to comfy. Tell mommy cookies will make it feel better! LOTS OF COOKIES!

  2. Oh poor puppy! Well, we don't suffer too badly with bites around here, although it's been stiflingly hot for weeks now and we have more insects than usual. I found this rather effective solution: www.flypatch.com It's clearly designed for human use, but if your dogs are being particularly badly attacked and have nasty reactions, then you could attach the patch to them. Perhaps it would work around the collar? Although it looks like the flies like the dog's rump, so how about a strap of material around the dog's waist and then stick the patch to that? A bit like a belly band. I think I'd do that for my guys if they were being attacked to this extent (Shandy wears a bodysuit through the forest at certain times of the year, as she reacts to something that makes her come out in a nasty rash).

    Chrissie (in drought-like BC!)

  3. This is an old post but just in case you havent found anything. I live in Maine and my poor Vizsla gets brutalized by the Black flies here in spring. I find that Skin So Soft, applied liberally helps! That is before he jumps in the lake!