25 July 2009

10 years young!

Susan Scobie's Sasha-Lucy breeding turns 10 years old today (July 25, 2009). Susan celebrated last week with a dog walk along the beach in Vancouver, BC. Sasha, their sire, is my beloved Vizsla from our first Vizsla litter, who passed away January 22, 2008 in his 16th year.

The weather was perfect for the birthday bash and there was a good turnout of Vizslas and their humans. Three of Sasha's kids from this breeding came out for the fun: Susan's Mila as well as sister Kosmo and brother Elliot. Plus Chrissie & Jens Diron who own another Sasha daughter, Shandy, from my Sasha-Nova breeding, make the long trek from Vancouver Is. with Shandy and their 3 other Vizslas, including a Sasha grand-daughter, Pia. I wish I could have been there to have seen everyone but instead, the photos will have do. Thanks to Susan for sharing these wonderful pictures of the Sasha-Lucy gang and of Mila's kids (more of Sasha's grandkids).

Happy 10th Birthday to Mila, Kosmo, Elliot and the others from that litter
who couldn't make it to the party. May you live as long and
even longer than your dad, Sasha.
Much love from Sylvia & the Varazs Vizslas.

A view of the beach

The spread for the humans and dogs

The birthday Vizslas: L-R Mila, Kosmo, Elliot

Mila and her kids. L-R Luna,Uma,Zuzu,Gypsy,Mila and son Milo

2 generations: Gypsy (Mila's daughter), Mila, Shandy & Pia (Shandy's daughter)

Many of the birthday party participants

Chrissie with Sasha's grand-daughter, Pia

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  1. It was a most lovely day! We set off at 4 am to make the ferry and get over in time and didn't get home until late, but it was worth it to spend a great day with our favourite ginger friends and family!

    Pia was much excited to demonstrate her leap into my arms (our friends call her ping-ping for good reason!) and the Vitali gang all wore yellow "vests" with their names on (you see them in one of the photos), because there's always such confusion at these get-togethers - a whirl of red dogs and nobody can spot their own!