21 May 2010

Unwelcome new neighbours

While we were away in AZ for the winter, we acquired some new and close neighbours who are NOT welcome at all. They are quiet, keep to themselves BUT - they are coyotes (canis latrans) and Mr & Mrs Wil E. Coyote have 3 kids! We are definitely not happy about these new neighbours. Last year coyotes virtually drove away the red foxes which had been occupying dens on our property for several years. We enjoyed and welcomed the foxes and looked forward to their kits but don't feel the same love and friendship towards the coyotes. These dens are only about 20 feet from our driveway and about 200 feet from our house. Very close indeed! Just when we thought our dogs could enjoy their off-leash freedom, instead, they are being very closely supervised while outdoors and not being let at all unattended, which means they must be kept indoors much of the day except for walks. Not at all what I and they were expecting on our return home. Boo, hoo!


  1. Yikes! I don't mind the coyotes when they are off in the distance but this is too close for comfort.

  2. I have a solution Sylvia if need be--watch out for the 'yotes, some can be very very nasty!

  3. Raven, thanks. We have a LOT of coyotes in the area. We're thinking of filling in the dens altho this may not work of course. We want the foxes around as I'm sure they must kill & eat mice & other vermin. We really enjoyed watching the foxes raise their kits. The kits behave just like canine puppies when they play.