25 May 2010

Goodbye new neighbours??

Well, perhaps the presence of our 3 Vizslas has been enough to give the coyote family the heebie-jeebies.  We saw the coyotes on camera (we have an infra-red outdoor camera that is set up close to the den entrances and we can record activity as desired on our DVD player), trying to herd their 3 youngsters into the woods one night.  It was a challenge for the parents as the kids weren't co-operating so finally mom and dad finally picked the uncooperative urchins up by the scruff and carted them off to another location.  So far, we haven't seen the family back.  Yippee! 

That's not to say they aren't very far away however as it's likely they found another home somewhere on our adjacent neighbour's 40 acre plot which is mainly wooded, like our land is. What we did see however, not long after their disappearance, visits from a fox and a very large male coyote (or perhaps wolf-coyote cross) but not 'our' coyotes.  This big male sniffed around the den entrance and then marked his scent but didn't enter the den.  A neighbour a few miles away told me about wolf-coyote hybrids (coywolf) being in the area. This male that paid us a visit sure was big, like a wolf although seeing something on a large screen TV can be deceiving. Anyway, we do watch our dogs more closely now when they are outdoors and pray we will have no Vizsla Coyote encounters.      

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