27 May 2010

Sasha, you made my day!

It's been more than 2 years now that we lost our beloved Sasha. But today, he was very much in my thoughts because of the surprise I found. I've been purging closets, drawers, cupboards, etc. disposing, donating, moving stuff to reduce clutter. I came across a couple of old Vizsla Club of America national events catalogues in my bedroom and decided to move them to another room where more of my dog stuff is stored. The catalogues dated back to 2002 and 2003. I just happen to open the 2003 catalogue from Charlotte, NC which then brought back lots of memories:  

  • An entire garment bag got left behind at home so I had nothing to wear into the show ring and to rush around shopping for new outfits after our arrival in Charlotte; of course I didn't discover this until we arrived at the hotel, 780 miles from home. I was not a happy camper especially because it was still very hot at the end of October and the only clothes the stores were selling were for winter.  I couldn't find anything cool to buy!
  • There was a fire alarm in the hotel and every one had to vacate their rooms. Fortunately Michael was in the room  with the dogs at the time and was able to get them out but other dogs were trapped in their rooms while most people were at a VCA welcome reception; fortunately there was no fire but it was a scary moment for all Vizsla owners.
  • Keira earned her first leg in AKC Novice A, Jumpers with Weaves in the agility trial with a clean run, score of 100 & 2nd place; I got happy.
  • Keira and Tasha came second in the Brace class. I was very happy.
  • Sasha took 4th place in the Veteran Sweepstakes, 12 yr & older. I was thrilled. 

Well, the surprise was finding the envelope containing Sasha's sweepstakes win, still sealed after almost 7 years! So today (May 27, 2010), I finally opened it.  Inside was his $15 (US) cash win. Thanks Sasha! You made my day. I love you and still miss you so much. And Keira and Tasha are still missed and loved.

Sasha sporting his Parade of 
Champions rosette from the 2003 Nationals

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