31 May 2010

Alarm bark

As we sat outdoors yesterday evening, eating our dinner on our balcony, Diva started to bark and growl. Then Miska & Tyro chimed in. Diva, however, kept it up and wouldn't stop. We couldn't figure out what she was vocalizing at but she was clearly perturbed about something. We did hear the snap, crackle of some creature going through the woods and Michael figured it was probably a squirrel. But I didn't think so as our dogs don't react like that to the sound of a squirrel. It was something else but we didn't know what so Michael disappeared to check things out. I thought he was going into the woods but instead, he went to the DVD player to which we have hooked up an infrared camera located by the fox/coyote dens. Well, well, well! He saw a coyote passing through. So our little Diva, whom we still think of a puppy, is now grown up enough to be a real watch dog. Diva was right to get worked up and give us a warning.

Diva taken May 2010

And on the subject of coyotes, I just learned today that Diva's brother, Quest, was attacked from the rear by a coyote about a week ago.  He had several puncture wounds, especially around his tail and likely sustained when he was trying to flee.  It was around 4 pm when this happened, in North Toronto.

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