10 June 2013

Wonder Dog!

May was a great month for my Miska.  She earned 3 Canadian Kennel Club titles.

  1. Rally Advanced-Excellent - RAE (CKC), May 26, 2013
  2. Agility Intermediate Jumpers (Selected) - (AGJS) (CKC), May 18, 2013
  3. Agility Intermediate Standard (Selected) - (AGIS) (CKC), May 18, 2013
The RAE is Miska's second RAE title as she also earned her American Kennel Club RAE title back in 2010.  Miska is my first Vizsla to earn RAE titles in two countries.  For those who know little or nothing about an RAE title, it involves passing BOTH Advanced and Excellent rally classes in one trial and requires 10 legs (i.e., 20 passes) to complete an RAE.  During our last rally obedience trials, I made a few handling errors in the Excellent classes where one can no longer repeat any stations if you do it wrong; this cost us lots of points but Miska still got very good scores. And Miska is also terrific in agility, usually earning clean runs and many placements.Her RAE title represents her 34th title before her 10th birthday.   I couldn't ask for a better dog!  Miska the WONDER DOG!


  1. Wow, your Vizslas are incredible, especially Miska! Congratulations - you must be soooo thrilled and proud.

  2. Way to go! What a great team.

  3. Holy cow!! That's amazing!