5 June 2013

Birthday swim & romp

Two puppies, Elsie (Miss Yellow) and Charlie (Mr Black formerly known as "Tunder") from our 2011 Brick-Miska litter met up today for a walk and swim at Charlie's place after almost two years apart.  They just celebrated their 2nd birthday on May 31.  They were accompanied by their mother, Miska, and big sister, Diva (born 2008) who will also be celebrating their birthdays later this month.  A great time was had by all.  Following their romp and swim, they were treated to home made mini-banana muffins.  Yum!

Pretty Elsie

Handsome Charlie

Elsie's creating the splash while Charlie & Diva swim in tandem


Group Photos
Charlie to Diva, "Can you keep a secret?"  L-R  Elsie, Diva, Charlie & Mama Miska

L-R  Elsie, Mama Miska, Diva & Charlie


  1. So interesting to see the different looks of all the pups as they mature. Elsie and Stella are both quite feminine but have very different looks.

    1. Elsie is 'definitely' very feminine and Charlie very masculine. Elise is now more petite since she lost weight. Bodi looks quite different in his face from his brothers & sisters. This wasn't a line breeding so I would expect more variation in the looks but we have consistently had girls that look like girls and boys that can't be mistaken for girls.