23 June 2013

Birthday girl Lucy

I love hearing from the owners of our puppies, especially when it's good news or just to get updates and photos of the dogs. 

The owner of CH Varazs Nyar Sea Breeze, aka Lucy, sent me these recent pictures of her.  Lucy, who lives on the west coast of Canada just turned 7 years of age on June 17, was out of our 2006 litter with our beloved dam Nova and stud dog Hudson (CH Kizmar Am/Can/International CH Kizmar Touch of Evil JH RA).  Lucy has, in my opinion, a lovely face and head.  I can see in the first photo that just like her brother Tyro, Lucy is getting a few white hairs under her chiny-chin chin.  Depending on whether you consider the Vizsla to be a medium-size or large-sized breed (I consider it to be medium), a 7-year old dog is about equal to 47 in human years.  Lots of people start to get grey hairs before this but by around 47 - 50, most of us are starting to turn grey so maybe this is also  normal in dogs.  Whaddya think?.

Two females in that litter were given the call name Lucy so to distinguish them, I had to refer to them as Lucy 1 and Lucy 2.  This was Lucy 2.   I especially love the photo of Lucy with the birthday hat on!!  Many thanks to Barb K for the photos!!  Happy Birthday again Lucy 2!!

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