23 April 2013

Vizsla Fashionistas

It's getting hot in Phoenix! Our temps are reaching the low 90's this week! 

And our patio is a heat trap since it faces West so it can really get hot!! These are the indoor and outdoor temperatures at 6:37 PM on April 21. The outdoor temp is the shade temperature!

So out have come the canine cool coats, the visors and the shades for our walks! The shades are a new acquisition since Tyro's visor isn't long enough to cover his eyes.  The sun is very bright and the UV rays are strong here.  I bought one pair of doggie shades at the Phoenix Pet Expo to see how they would work.  They are supposed to protect against UV rays.  I think Tyro needs a larger pair of shades judging from how they are sitting on his face.  I'm wondering if I can make them up myself now that I have a pair to see how they are constructed.  Good ol' Velcro, of course!

Anyway, our Vizslas are the best outfitted dogs in town!!! And of course, people think I am weird 'dressing' my dogs up in the heat.  No one here seems to know about canine cool coats!  But my dogs are a constant source of comments, smiles and attractions and people stop and ask me, "where are their hats?" if they don't have them on.

L-R: Diva, Tyro, Miska


  1. I'm surprised at how tolerant they are of the hats and sunglasses. I remember years ago having to go buy a visor at Disneyland because my sunglasses were not strong enough for the power of the sun that far south.

    1. I give them lots of treats when the hats & glasses go on. Once they start walking, they are distracted by the lizards, rabbits and interesting smells & tend to forget that they are wearing 'clothing'. But if they could, they would rather go 'naked'!