3 April 2013

Miska's treasures

I suppose the truth really is that Miska is a scavenger although I prefer to refer to her as having a great nose.  She really does have a great nose and is a terrific hunter so I never know what she will find - and bring back to me. On a couple of recent walks in Arizona, she found some bones, 2 femurs and a scapula, which look like they are from wild burros.  We don't have deer in the area - at least I have never spotted any - but we certainly have wild burros and spotted a couple when I was walking the dogs.

Miska with her scapula

Miska guards her treasure from Tyro

Burro femur bone

Wild burros are the descendants of burros released by old time gold and silver prospectors who didn't find these minerals in the area north of Phoenix and so abandoned their animals. These animals surprised everyone by surviving in the desert.  They are now protected on public land and have no natural predators. Sadly, some of them have been deliberately shot and killed by stupid people with guns - a section of society which abounds in Arizona.

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