21 April 2013

Phoenix Pet Expo

Yesterday, Miska was one of several dogs doing demos for our local Jumping Chollas Agility Club at the Phoenix AZ Pet Expo.This was held at the University of Phoenix Stadium (a HUGE facility) where the AZ Cardinals play and where the Super Bowl has been held.

The stadium from a distance (looks like a mushroom)

Inside the stadium

This was our first time attending this fair. I've been to one other pet fair in the Phoenix area & it wasn't very good.  This one was a little better because it had agility and dock diving demos but the vendors leave a LOT to be desired.  And it's only a one-day affair.  The organizers should come to Toronto Canada to Woofstock or the All About Pets Show to see what great shows are like.  These ones in Phoenix would rate a 2 / 10 (IMO) compared to the Toronto Shows which I would rate 8/10.

Setting up our tiny agility field the day before the show
Anyway, Miska and I helped our agility club out by doing demos and I helped members of the public put their dogs through some the agility obstacles. I was planning to bring Diva too but after I saw how huge the facility was and how far I would have to lug a wire crate (since I only have 1 softsided crate and I don't have a dolly here) and how small our agility demo course was (way too small for a big jumping dog like Diva) I decided that Diva should stay at home.  So it was just us ol' girls at the Pet Expo.  The people and other dogs as well as the indoor facility didn't faze Miska at all but it was shocking how many dogs, including very young puppies, were fearful of strangers and other dogs and very stressed by all the new sights, sounds and smells. But people tell me there are very few indoor facilities and events in Phoenix to acclimate their dogs to these circumstances.  Sure makes a difference when one buys a puppy from a reputable breeder who ensures her puppies are exposed to so many different aspects of normal living so that the pups grow up to become confident and well-adjusted adults!!!  (Hint - that breeder is ME!!)

Here are some scenes from the Pet Expo.

Miska waiting at the start line
Here's one of Miska's runs.  She was much better the first time! This time she refused the tunnel and a hoop for some reason.  Hoops are featured in NADAC agility (N. American Dog Agility Council) and my agility club is a NADAC affiliated club.   A few members of the furry public peed on the weaves so some of the demo dogs were a little slow going through them.  I was surprised Miska didn't stop and sniff the weaves but she didn't, TG.  (The bulge in my behind - other than my uh-hum, large backside - is her leash which I stuffed there!)

Miska posing with a baby reticulated python

This baby will grow to about 30 feet as an adult!!

Trying on doggie shades

Fellow club member with his dog on course



  1. Miska is such a careful "weaver". If she had hands she could play the board game Operation and be a champ :D

  2. Looks like you had a great time, even if the show isn't as good as those 'back home'.

  3. Ack!!! You keep getting me with those snake pictures (major phobia). Nice to see Miska working so well. It was funny when she finally turned on her engines :). Kinda like oh, this isn't just a boring demo ... we can have fun!\