25 December 2012

Christmas walk 2012

Today the dogs got two walks - part of their Christmas "gifts". The first was what I considered a 'stroll' since we were accompanied by their hu-dad who doesn't power walk like I do.  But it was really nice - for me - to have human company which I rarely have on my dog walks in Arizona.  And hu-dad got to see parts of town he's never seen before.

The second walk was far more 'serious' we covered a lot more territory in the same amount of time. I decided to venture into the desert with the dogs on a trail we haven't been on since we first moved here.  I recall our first walk with the dogs on this trail since it was cut short by Tyro encountering a wicked Cholla cactus on his head. This time, there was no misadventure like that, thank goodness.  The mountain behind us is Daisy Mountain.  Today it was overcast all day (very unusual for AZ) and also quite cold.

Diva, Tyro & Miska

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