4 December 2012

2011 Top Obedience Award

Congratulations to Miska (and me of course!) for earning a Top Obedience Dog Award in Canada for 2011.  She was #3 in obedience in the Vizsla breed.  Only six Vizslas competed in either/both Open (Companion Dog Excellent) or Utility (UD) to earn points in 2011.  That's very few but still, Miska earned enough points when competing in Open to earn her this spot in history.  The award came from Dogs in Canada.  (PS, it unofficial, but Miska is #1 Vizsla for 2012.)  Miska's daddy, Sasha, was #5 Vizsla in 1998 and #3 in 1999 so she is merely following in his pawsteps.