10 October 2012

Puppy tails from our 2011 litter

For the second time in my career as a Vizsla breeder, I sent off docked puppy tails from a litter for DNA extraction to support the Canine Epilepsy Research Study. The proposal is to develop a genetic screening test for canine epilepsy.

Puppy tails
The first time I did this was our 2008 litter of six puppies and most recently our 2011 litter of six.  Unfortunately I either didn't know about this project with earlier litters. In 2009, I had blood drawn from Miska (who is the dam of the 2008 and 2011 litters) along with her brother Vadasz, half-brother Tyro and their mom Nova.  To date, none of these dogs have seized but it's still important to participate in health studies like this. It is hoped that one day, a genetic marker will be found for this health problem in Vizslas (as well as for some other breeds).

For more information about health issues and studies in Vizslas, go to the Vizsla Club of America's link at:  http://vcaweb.org/welfare/research.shtml.

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