3 October 2012

Family visits

I love seeing our puppies/our dogs' relatives.

In September, Miska's son, Charlie and daughter, Elsie from our 2011 litter between Brick and Miska were here for dog shows. After Charlie and Elsie left to go back to their respective homes, I was exhausted!!

Miska and son Charlie

Charlie gripping sister Elsie's throat!

Elsie - perfect angel! (Not!)

Then Quest from Miska's 2008 litter arrived for me to take him down to the States for dog shows at the Wine Circuit in Romulus, NY.  He's pictured here with his sister Diva, mom Miska and uncle Tyro.  He took two third places in the Open Dog class, was 2nd one day and went Reserve Winners Dog but didn't bring home any points, unfortunately.

L-R, Quest, Diva, Miska, Tyro taken Oct. 1/12
While I was at the shows in Romulus, I stayed with my friend Pauline who owns Katya from our 2003 litter. Katya is a littermate to my Miska so it was nice to see her again after a two year absence.  The sisters get along very well.  As they age (gracefully), they are beginning to look more similar in their faces.

Two sisters - Katya and Miska taken Sept. 30/12
Then I got together with Gary who owns Vadasz, another littermate from our 2003 litter.  He's a brother to Katya and Miska and is shown below.  He is such a wonderful male dog and is so well tempered around other dogs and people, and of course, is very talented also.  It's a bit pity that no one has been interested in using him for stud.  He is still intact.

Vadasz & Miska, brother and sister taken Oct. 1/12


  1. All beautiful dogs! Would be so nice to see the brothers and sisters but for now we will settle for visiting some cousins. Looks like Heather and I will be going to clicker expo in San Francisco in January. I'm considering whether or not to take Stella but perhaps a road trip visit from Arizona to come see us would be fun.

  2. Mary Bird always talked about possibly using Vadasz for Ginger, but she never bred her. He looks like such a lovely boy, and temperment is so important!