21 October 2012

Highest score e v v v er!!!

Who?   Miska
What?  Score of 197/200 in Open B
When?  October 21, 2012

Did I earn that??
One day after finishing her Cdn Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title, Miska did a brilliant job in the Open B class under Judge Paul Townsend, scoring 197 out of 200. This is the highest score EVER that one of my dogs has earned in formal obedience competitions and the highest ever in the Open class for my dogs.  Years ago, my Vizsla Keira earned a 196 in Novice in the US and a 195 in Open twelve years ago.  Today Miska did a fantastic job and broke a long-held record by 2 points.  What a terrific weekend - well, except for the speeding ticket this morning.  Seriously officer, don't you know that punishment, i.e., fines, doesn't change human behaviour permanently?  We need to have a serious talk about that.



  1. The 197 was quite a shock, I can tell you!! Not that I don't think Miska is capable because she certainly is. Usually her brilliant heeling happens OUTSIDE the ring, not in the ring!