29 April 2011

Swimming in AZ

While AZ is largely desert, there are several lakes in the state, many of them created as a result of dams.  Our closest one is Lake Pleasant and indeed it is very pleasant.  It's fairly large and quite deep - about 1,700 ft deep. Today when the temps were supposed to hit 97 deg., we decided we'd take the dogs there for a swim since it would be pretty quiet during the week.  They had a good time, especially when swimming out to to try and catch the Mallard.  It was their first time swimming since we've been in AZ.

Tyro (L) and Diva (R) decide a Mallard is more interesting than a ball.

Tyro swimming back to shore

Tyro, reluctantly leaving the Mallard

Video showing Miska being called off the duck; Tyro is also in the water & Diva is on shore

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  1. Unless you're a 'local', I guess you don't realize there are bodies of water in Arizona!